Parliament Week

We thank Mr Cahill for organising a very successful parliament week. Children met Councillor Roz Chadd who led question and answer sessions in each class and explained a bit about her role in the community. Children also experienced an insight into ‘Democracy’ and an election process.

Well done to the following school council children who campaigned to become the leader of the School Council: Aaliyah Nyoni, Alyssa Hayhoe, Benjamin Meadows, Lilith street, Freya Scarlett, Faith Albrighton, Daisy Marshall-Fox, Grace Davies, George Hurlow and Mia Jenkins. They were incredibly brave and worked exceptional hard having made excellent campaign posters and delivering quality prepared speeches. The votes were all placed in ballot boxes provided by Rushmoor Borough Council and votes were verified and announced—Benjamin Meadows is now the leader of the School Council.

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