Talent Spot

We would like to congratulate Jessica Munro 5M,her fantastic performance in a recent national gymnastic competition. She achieved 2 gold medals for the vault and beam as well as a bronze medal for her floor routine. This is amazing Jessica, such an incredible achievement.

A huge well done to Lilly Rogers, 5M, who was presented with the Under 9 Best Batsperson trophy at her recent end of season cricket awards for Aldershot Cricket Club.

Also a big well done to Grace Reilly in 4C who was awarded with Player of the Season for Roller hockey. Keeping with the sporty theme, congratulations to Demi Harrison in 5D who won 1st and 6th place medals for dance; the rosettes she won were just lovely.

We would also like to congratulate Leighton Crampton in 3P who was recently awarded the Best Beaver Scout Award. This is recognition of the commitment and enthusiasm Leigh-ton shows towards Beavers, well done Leighton!

Finally, a big well done goes to Florence Jones in 4H who has recently had a piece in the local newspaper published about her wonderful letter that she wrote to the local council calling on them to take action against the litter in Aldershot. We have a budding journalist on our hands! If you would like to take a look, then please use the link below which will take you to the article:


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