New Parents

Transfer Arrangements

Children generally transfer at age 7 from their Infant School. All these children are included in a planned programme of induction activities, including an art club. This is held after school by year 3 staff on the junior site in the summer term and a morning with their new teacher and class. Liaison arrangements include meetings held between teachers cross sites. The emphasis is on a smooth transition that reduces the anxiety and stress for both child and parent.

All children who attend Alderwood infants automatically gain a place at the junior school with out application. If children wish to attend a different school, then parents need to apply through Hampshire admissions. There may be spaces available in year 3 for other families to apply for, again this is done through admissions.


Welcoming Arrangements for New Parents

Parents of the new intake will be invited to an evening meeting in June to be given details of the transfer from Infant schools. Teachers from all year groups as well as the Executive Headteacher and Head of school will be present to give advice and answer questions related to organisation,procedure and curriculum.

When your child does join us, we try to get to know your child as quickly as possible and we always ask one of the children to be a best buddy and show each new child around so they can settle in quickly.  It really helps if you tell us of any issues when you begin.

If your child has any specific learning difficulties, please see our page on Special Educational Needs – under Our School.

Equally, if your child is gifted or talented in particular areas, our page on Able Child will let you know how we cater for their needs. 

If you would like a tour of the school, please phone the school office on 01252 323151 to make an appointment and talk with the Executive Headteacher or Head of school.


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