School Profile

At Alderwood School, we are proud of our creative curriculum. Children learn to question and discuss their learning with their teachers. A wide variety of visits and visitors stimulate learning and provide a first-hand experience and enjoyment. Teachers employ different styles of activities to accommodate the many learning styles children have.

We are also really proud of our healthy lifestyle and encourage the children to exercise regularly and to eat healthily. Our cook, Kelly Leonard and her assistants, prepare well balanced lunches in our school kitchen as well as selling healthy snacks for the children to purchase at break time. Kelly knows all the children well and understands their dietary requirements.

The atmosphere throughout the school is one of engagement and cooperation. The standard of behaviour is high and there are many ways the children learn strategies to develop their social skills.

Timetable of the day


Gates open for school day


School starts

10.30 – 10.50am


10.50 – 11.05am




Lunch for Years 4 and 5

Lunch for Years 3 and 6



Afternoon session begins for Years 4 and 5

Afternoon session begins for Years 3 and 6


School ends and clubs begin


Clubs finish



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