Able Child (G&T)

The role of the more able child leader is to ensure that the needs of the more able child are met through a range of opportunities including class provision, interventions and extracurricular activities. We believe that monitoring of pupil’s progress is key to securing sustained achievement with the aim of every child fulfilling their potential. 

Current provision includes:

  • Differentiated work in each classroom to suit their stage of development. This may also include the opportunity to work at a pace more suited to their strengths, opportunities to take part in investigations and/or challenges to further develop their understanding. 
  • More able pupils will be invited to participate in a range of workshops organised by local schools covering a range of curriculum topics.  There will also be workshops taking place at school by outside organisations including opportunities for music instruction.  
  • Pupils are provided with opportunities to enter competitions which have included the Young Mathematician’s Award, writing short stories for publication and the creation of Christmas cards for our local MP.
  • Pupil’s who are identified as more able in PE have been given the opportunity to become PE Leaders and Coaches. These children are met with on a regular basis and given additional responsibility and required to support their fellow classmates.   Children are also encouraged to participate in a wide range of sports club led by our own teachers. 
  • The more able leader works mostly in lower school to support the transition of pupil’s from the infant site, ensuring that pupils assessed at greater depth are being challenged and continue to make required progress.
  • Pupils are provided with a range of enrichment opportunities which have in the past included trips to London to see the Philharmonic Orchestra, take part in workshops at the BFI, as well as visiting Kidzania.


Throughout their time at Alderwood Junior School pupils will be given a wide variety of challenges to enhance their experience in key stage 2.  They will be opportunities for individuals to develop their ability to question, confidently explain their thinking, understand the importance of being a team player and recognising strengths in others.   

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