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Travelling to Alderwood School

We encourage the majority of pupils to walk to the junior site if at all possible. Not only does walking keep you fit and healthy, but it also eases congestion on the roads and protects our environment.

Cycling is also a good way to travel to school, although you need to make sure that your bicycle is roadworthy and that you are wearing a helmet and high-visibility clothing for safety. We have cycle racks at school for safe storage during the school day. We also encourage all our pupils to take part in the Bikeability programme in Year 6.

In this section of the school website, you will see a link to a map showing how long it takes to walk or cycle to school, depending on where you live. The vast majority of our pupils can walk to school within 20 minutes and can cycle to school within 8 minutes. For most, this is much quicker than driving, and it is certainly much healthier.

On the occasions where driving is unavoidable, we would remind parents always to drive and park considerately and safely around the school. You might also like to consider ‘Park and Stride’. If you park your car or drop your children off on Redan Road, where there is plenty of space, it is only a 10 minute walk through the cemetery to the main entrance of the school.


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